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About Us

Mapryser, founded in 1994, is dedicated to 4 main activities:

  • AGRISER: Manufacture and distribution of special fertilizers and biostimulants with the vision of prioritizing organic products and natural as well as zero and ecological waste products.
  • ECOLOGICAL FOODS for the food industry. We provide our clients with the technical advice and the necessary help so that their developments are carried out with the appropriate ingredients and processes. This technical-commercial support, as well as our wide availability of products in stock, have meant and mean the distinguishing feature of our company in the organic food sector.
  • Packaging and distribution of Goji berries for the French consumer market, under the BIOSSENS brand.
  • Industrial distribution of CHEMICAL SPECIALTIES for the paint, inks, adhesives, chemical synthesis, cosmetics, etc ... industries

Our goal is innovation not only in the product, but in the relationship with the customer, to whom we offer solutions and personalized attention. We are interested and actively work always prioritizing the most natural and environmentally friendly products within the sectors in which we work, with the aim of reducing the negative impact of the products on the environment and making their use sustainable.
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